FooCoding: literally saved my life. Thanks to them I have a job and I can finally live in Sweden.
Quadrat, refugee from Afghanistan, today fullstack web developer

FooCoding: is a course in software development run by the Foo Café Foundation in Malmö and Stockholm. The six month program is aimed towards disadvantaged groups in Swedish society and provides them with the skills they need to find a job as fullstack web developers in Sweden.

Our ambition is to integrate people struggling to find work in Sweden into the world of tech. 

The program is completely free of charge. We even support our students with computers, free commuting and free food during classes.

All of the examined students are today working as fullstack web developers. With Foocoding: we’re creating a win-win, connecting talented people to an industry struggling with recruitment challenges.


We teach coding to people remote from the job market. With FooCoding they find jobs.


The IT industry struggles with recruitment challenges. FooCoding gives them new colleagues.

Crash course

Our six months course is based on a curriculum tailor made for the Swedish tech industry.