It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the global refugee crisis. With so many people in need of help it’s difficult to know where to begin.

FooCoding: is an initiative by Foo Café to absorb unemployed people into the tech industry. There is a great need for skilled developers in Sweden. FooCoding: students are able to fill this need. Motivated and intelligent, all these people require to succeed is a program to guide them.

Graduates and current students are grateful for the sponsorship of the companies and organisations listed below. They’d also like to thank the private donors who have also contributed to the foundation. Our supporters contribute with funds, laptops and employment opportunities for the students.

We need more tech companies to get involved with FooCoding: for it to succeed. We have more applicants than we’re currently able to support. We don’t want to be forcing students to wait.

Read more about how you can help under the Support the work tab.