Our ambition is to integrate people struggling to find work in Sweden into the world of tech. Professional programmers volunteer to teach the course. These mentors share their knowledge and experience with the students.

The classes meet every Sunday from 11:30 to 15:30. During the week the students are expected to complete 30-35 hours of homework. Mentors are available to answer questions during the week over a social channel.

The course is completely free. Lunch is provided and train tickets to and from the venue can be reimbursed.

The Foo Café Foundation works with graduates to connect them to our network of partner companies. We arrange speed datings and meetings between students and the companies looking to hire fullstack developers. 

Since the start in 2017 we have supported several classes and connected all of the examined students to jobs. 

Together with our mentors, we develop a curriculum suitable for our students and the demands of the Swedish tech industry.

The success of the program has made us want to open it up to more than newcomers. We believe there are other unprivileged groups who could benefit from the support of a coding program.